Sign our Petition

If you are a resident of Los Angeles County and opposed to the Polytechnic School’s plans to construct a sports complex on Chaney Trail in the Altadena foothills please sign this online petition.  Multiple adults living in the same household should sign separately.  The petition will be presented to key entities involved in the Los Angeles County review/decision process, including the: Altadena Town Council, the L.A. County Department of Regional Planning, and the L.A. County Regional Planning Commission.

We OPPOSE plans announced by Polytechnic School in Pasadena to build a sports complex on Chaney Trail in the northern Altadena foothills.  The proposed development site is adjacent to the Angeles National Forest and located within a State-designated Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone.  The plans to build new athletic facilities and the many hundreds of additional visitors crowding an already narrow and hilly access road will dramatically increase the risks to public safety.  If approved, the sports complex will fundamentally change the semi-rural characteristics of the surrounding neighborhood, with impacts propagating throughout the Altadena foothills and the Angeles National Forest.

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