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A Threat

After nearly 90 years of operations, the world-famous Nuccio’s Nursery for camellias and azaleas will be closed.  Polytechnic School in Pasadena is proposing to build the “PolyFields” sports complex, including a football/soccer/athletics stadium, a baseball stadium, and tennis courts, on the site.  The plans include night lighting and amplified sound systems.

The Issues

If the proposed plans are approved by L.A. County, this development will:

  • Increase the density of people in a very high-risk fire zone

  • Increase wildfire risks in nearby neighborhoods

  • Increase traffic on major routes from Pasadena

  • Increase the risk of accidents with hikers, cyclists & equestrians

  • Impact wildlife and migration routes

  • Create noise and light pollution

A Better Idea

AltadenaWILD envisions creating a preserve where:

  • Hikers, cyclists and equestrians enjoy established trails

  • Park-poor Altadena residents have access to open space

  • Woodlands provide a landscape for increased environmental education of underserved communities

  • Wildlife thrives and their migration routes remain undisturbed

  • Streams flow cleanly and freely into the Arroyo Seco

  • Native plants are propagated and grown

  • An appropriate legacy to Nuccio’s nursery lasts forever

Los Angeles County residents opposed to the Polytechnic School’s plans for a sports complex on Chaney Trail:

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