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Student Ambassador Program

Student Ambassadors are middle/high school students or college students who wish to promote AltadenaWILD’s mission to protect our precious foothills to their friends, classmates, and teammates.  

To Apply:

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.  NOTE: Send in your Program Acknowledgement and Waiver form by November 5 to be a member of the inaugural cohort.

(1) Complete form and email to

OR (2) Print form and mail to AltadenaWILD 2771 N. Lake Ave #6698 Altadena CA 91001

Student Ambassadors can:

  • Increase general awareness of the natural and recreational value of the San Gabriel Mountains foothills through conversations with friends, family and colleagues.

  • Describe the current development threat in the Altadena foothills – in a factual manner – to those same people.

  • Encourage those opposed to the proposed Chaney Trail development to sign an online Petition of Opposition (must be at least 14 years of age and a Los Angeles County resident).

  • Write a story for a school newspaper about ecology, conservation, land preservation or the current issue.

  • Give a talk at a school environmental club – or starting such a club.

  • Follow AltadenaWILD on Instagram.

  • Post photos, videos, memes or comments on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok in support of AltadenaWILD, Altadena foothills, and wildlife using the hashtags #altadenawild, #altadena, #saveourfoothills, #chaneytrail, #altadenawildlife, #protectAltadenafoothills, #KeepAltadenaWild

  • Create a short video, meme, or reel about conserving the Altadena foothills.

  • Create an art project about conserving the Altadena foothills.

  • Take photos and/or videos while hiking in the Chaney Trail corridor and posting them on social media.

  • Write a letter to the County Board of Supervisors, Regional Planning Commission, or other elected representatives during the Los Angeles County review process.  [AltadenaWILD will advise on the optimal times for such public comments.]

  • And more…

Student Ambassadors should plan to contribute to 1-2 promotional activities per month during the academic year.  At the end of the academic year, Ambassadors will receive a letter of reference as well as gain valuable skills in environmental advocacy, marketing, communications, and/or event planning.

Keep Informed and Sign Our Petition:

To keep informed about the health of our cherished Altadena foothills, any development threats, and public meetings pertaining to the proposed Polytechnic School sports complex on Chaney trail, join our mailing list below. Your email address will NEVER be used by AltadenaWILD for any purpose other than communication of relevant developments and notifications of community meetings and other involvement opportunities.

NOTE: Joining this list will also add your signature to our petition.

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