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Student Ambassadors Announced

We are excited to introduce our initial cohort of AW Student Ambassadors.  They will be using social media and other channels to share their appreciation of nature and the importance of honoring wildlands on the edge of Los Angeles.

Applications for the AW Student Ambassador Program are accepted on a rolling basis.  To learn more about what AW Student Ambassadors can do, please email us at  To apply for the program:

(1) Complete form and email to

OR (2) Print form and mail to AltadenaWILD 2771 N. Lake Avenue, Box#6698, Altadena CA 91001

Lori Ashoghian is a senior at Crescenta Valley High School and former Altadena resident.  Protecting the foothills, she writes, “…means protecting nature. Generations of families and neighborhood residents should be able to have access to a space that holds value to them, and it would be unfortunate if that was stripped away by a sports complex.  As a former resident of Altadena, the proposed development in the Altadena foothills would have a negative impact on both people and wildlife.”

Sadie Davis is a 15-year-old student at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts (LACHSA) in the Cinematic Arts Department.  She says, "One reason I’m dedicated to protecting land is that one of the best summers I've ever had was being a Counselor-in-Training at a naturalist camp for four weeks where we frequently hiked and interacted with the wildlife in the Altadena Foothills.  The area means a lot to me and I would hate to see it destroyed.”

Paulina McConnell is a junior at Pasadena High School who writes for the PHS Chronicle.  She says, “What I’ve always loved most about my neighborhood is that it coexists with the wildlife of the San Gabriel Mountains; a shared space of sorts. That is why, in these coming months, I am fully dedicated to do everything in my power to preserve such a magical place.”  You can read her article in the PHS Chronicle here:

Paloma Muniz-Ochoa is a sophomore at Los Angeles County High School for the Arts (LACHSA) whose family has a cabin in the Angeles National Forest in Altadena. Paloma says, "Being at the cabin has expanded my love for nature and my understanding of preservation and stewardship.  A development with construction, lights, traffic and noise would be devastating to me and to the wildlife and native plants that make up my home.”

Terrance Scotton is a junior at La Salle Preparatory in Pasadena.  He spoke passionately about preserving the Chaney Trail property at an informal Altadena Town Council meeting in February 2023 and continues to advocate for AltadenaWILD.  He says, “I am still growing up in this beautiful area and I love that I can go outside and smell the flowers and see the trees and the wildlife flourishing in our area.  But to imagine that such a giant part of my life could be taken away -- as well as the quality of our lives diminished -- breaks my heart.”

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