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AltadenaWILD believes that a better use of the 78-acre parcels being sold by the Nuccio family is in support of protecting what should be most valuable to us all – NATURE. Altadena should not have its open space paved over, its beloved hillsides flattened, its native habitat ripped out, and its streambeds bulldozed. AltadenaWILD envisions the Chaney Trail property being preserved as a haven where:

  • Wildlife thrives, while streams flow unimpeded and the soil continues to absorb storm water.

  • Hikers, bicyclists, equestrians (and even llama walkers) continue to use established trails

  • Park-poor neighborhood residents and nature-loving visitors have access to local open space.

  • Native plants are propagated and grown for landscape and restoration projects.

AltadenaWILD advocates for a common sense and viable alternative to the development project currently being considered for the Chaney Trail property.

Altadena Wild

Protecting Wildlands, not Destroying Them

AltadenaWILD respectfully asserts that our vision is a better and respectful alternative to any plans to build a sports complex for a Pasadena private school in the Altadena foothills.  While our plans are in the early stages of development, our vision is to:

  • Honor the history and culture of the Nuccio family and nursery.

  • Preserve open space and pastoral land, ideally in perpetuity.

  • Respect Altadena's long tradition of inclusiveness and love of nature.

  • Provide access to a socio-economically diverse public.

  • Respect the decades-long tradition of equestrian uses and protection of equestrian properties.

  • Provide critically needed Altadena parkland, in accordance with the goals of LA County's Measure A to increase park space and improve neighborhood access to open space for high park-need communities. Altadena has less than one-third park acres per person than the average for LA County, according to the Los Angeles Countywide Comprehensive Park and Recreation Needs Assessment report.

  • Support LA County's initiatives to restore habitat and improve water infrastructure, to green urban interface areas, and to help capture and conserve storm water.

  • Provide learning opportunities for the public, inclusive of all adults and children, about environmental sciences and horticulture.

  • Build resilience and sustainability in increasingly challenging times for the environment and climate.

  • Firmly align with the State of California's mandate to preserve 30 percent of open lands by 2030, also known as the 30X30 initiative.

  • Identify alternatives aligned with evolving changes in Federal, State and County plans.

This alternative plan seeks to preserve precious foothills – not destroy them.

A Tribute to Nuccio’s Nursery

Nuccio’s Nursery has become an Altadena institution, existing for more than half of the Town’s history. Established in 1935 on Chaney Trail, the nursery is known worldwide for its camellias and azaleas. Brothers Tom and Jim Nuccio have been exemplary stewards of the nursery and its remarkable property – and dear friends to the northern Altadena community. Please take the time to offer an online tribute to the brothers as they move towards retirement.

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